Flyboy’s mild salsa has a bold, sweet, and tangy salsa flavor with stronger hints of cilantro and garlic with a slight bite from Serrano peppers. This is the perfect salsa for those who prefer a sweet salsa with a little heat.




Flyboy’s medium salsa will wake up your taste buds with the unique blend of cilantro and garlic and more heat from Serrano peppers than our Flyboy’s mild salsa. This salsa is designed for those who prefer more heat in their salsa.




Flyboy’s hot salsa is perfect for those who prefer a hot salsa that maintains a deep complex flavor. Flyboy’s hot salsa brings out the full flavor and heat of Serrano peppers while allowing our unique savory flavor to be enjoyed.


1. Addicted completely… unnamed
Product: Flyboy’s Original Salsa
Posted By: Shelby from Addison Texas 22nd May 2015
I was introduced to fly its salsa from a pilot friend of mine that knows my love for trying new salsas from all over the place and thought I might like flyboys! I’m very picky about my salsas and normally I enjoy a habanero salsa, but when I tasted the hot I fell in love with it! I love the heat, the f i’m very picky about my salsas and normally I enjoy a habanero salsa, but when I tasted the hot I fell in love with it! I love the heat, the flavor is amazing and the way it smells when you open the jar made me want to dig right in. I was addicted before I even tried it! It has just the right amount of chunk not too much not too little, and the fresh ingredients are just amazing. I buy salsas from all over the Country and now it’s very hard for me to try others at all because I love flyboys so much. I now order the hot salsa by the case and I keep it stocked so when I get down to 2 jars out of 12 zoo reorder so I won’t be stuck without some. I go through that salsa pretty fast! To show my love for flyboys salsa, I will tell you that after I was in the hospital for two weeks and a friend went to my house to grab me whatever I needed while I was recuperating, she asked me what things I needed and my very first response was get me a couple of jars of my flyboys salsa! Forget everything else I wanted that first! That is a true story. No, I don’t work for flyboys, this is a true statement of how good I think the product is. I continue to spread by word-of-mouth to everyone I know just to give it a try and they will fall in love with it. I’m a huge fan and always will be a loyal customer to flyboys!
2. Love The Consistency! unnamed
Product: Flyboy’s Original Salsa
Posted By: Jerry Hall 30th March 2015
The medium is my heat level and my husband loves the HOT! We both love the consistency of the blend. Find it a great afternoon pick-me-up snack with gluten free tortilla chips, as well as using to brighten up the taste of veggie and meat dishes. A great condiment to have ready for all occasions! Wishing you the best!
3. X-cellant Heat & great taste ALSO “it goes great with my tastebuds”! unnamed
Product: Flyboy’s Original Salsa
Posted By: DRACR Plus five (or more stars) 6th Feb. 2015
speechless, I started with the mild and worked my way up to HOT, and haven’t looked back yet. I use Flyboyssalsa
On more than just dip, it taste great on my spaghetti and other pasta meals! I’m not odd am I? I just know what I
Like, and this grand salsa is it…My son flies with —– Jet and he orders me a case a month, and the old ladies in the
assisted Living home don’t talk me out of it, I usually manage to finish it off by myself (hard to do when I bring it to
The table and they see it). thanks from ALABAMA!
4. The Best I have ever had! unnamed
Product: Flyboy’s Original Salsa
Posted By: Gerald 14th Feb 2015
Two cases was not enough. Thanks!
5. Flyboy Salsa takes off to Kansas unnamed
Product: Flyboy’s Original Salsa
Posted By: Milly52 9th Dec 2014
I purchased some of your salsa from a shop in Granbury, as a gift for my son-in-law, because he is a pilot. He liked it so much, he asked for it for Christmas. Since he lives in Kansas, I just ordered a case and sent it to him. It is exceptional salsa and I will put jars of in my Christmas gift baskets .
6. best salsa ever unnamed
Posted by kjm on October 27, 2014
I had an assortment of mild, medium, and hot. All were excellent.
7. Love Flyboy’s Hot Salsa! unnamed
Posted by Donna on September 29, 2014
I bought the medium and hot salsa’s and love the hot one. It’s HOT! Both have a wonderful flavor and texture too. Flyboy’s is the best salsa I’ve found so far and I’ll definitely buy more in the future. Their salsa is the closest to home made I’ve found. Thank you Flyboys 🙂
8. Best Salsa Ever unnamed
Posted by Scott on September 19, 2014
great tastes, great shipping, great customer service!
9. The Salsa I’ve been searching for! unnamed
Posted by Suzanne on August 7, 2014
I always buy a mixture of the flavors because everybody in my family loves Fly Boys Salsa, but some like HOT, other medium and I love the mild.
Great for a hostess gift and Christmas Stocking Stuffers!!
10. All the Flavors Are The Best unnamed
Posted by Suzanne on August 7, 2014
I always buy a mixture of the flavors because everybody in my family loves Fly Boys Salsa, but some like HOT, other medium and I love the mild.
Great for a hostess gift and Christmas Stocking Stuffers!!
11. Best Salsa I Have Ever Had unnamed
Posted by Neil on August 7, 2014
Living in south Texas for several years I had the opportunity to eat all types of salsa in restaurants and friend’s homes. After moving to Alabama it became difficult to find any really good salsa. I have now ordered two cases of Flyboys and quit trying to find a salsa I like on the grocery shelves here. It has just the right heat and the solid garlic flavor I love. Great flavor and has a fresh ingredient taste that I have never found in any store bought salsa.
12. You can taste the difference! unnamed
Posted by Grant H. on July 26, 2014
After eating this salsa (all three flavors) I can’t eat anything else. You can really taste the freshness and the natural ingredients. It has such a unique flavor and taste that nothing else even comes close. I had some “big box” salsa the other day and it tasted like ketchup compared to Flyboy’s.
Each flavor is unique and goes well with different foods and different heat tolerances.
If you want the good stuff, this is it. Period.
13. good stuff unnamed
Posted by travis on July 9, 2014
I have tried all 3. mild, medium and hot. First I would rate all one notch lower on the heat scale than they advertise; meaning medium is mild, hot is medium. Salsa’s were good, consistency was best for chips and dips, I also put on tacos and nachos. Overall very good and tastes like something my mom would have made. I just wished they were hotter.
14. Great Flavor! unnamed
Posted by N/A on July 9, 2014
Absolutely love Flyboys salsa! Great flavor. herere
15. Best salsa EVER!! unnamed
Posted by N/A on June 21, 2014
Our family is seriously obsessed with this salsa! It is delicious with an amazing flavor!! Medium has the perfect amount of heat for us. Oh so good!!

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 2 reviews
by Brandon Barton on Flyboy's Salsa
This salsa SOARS above the rest!

I couldn't help myself with the play on words of my title but it is not false. This salsa is, by far, the best I have ever tasted. I am not a salsa expert by any stretch but I am the guy who buys three or four salsas at the store to try and find the perfect salsa; I will even combine them to try to find the flavor I like. That is until I found Flyboys! This is the perfect blend of spices and tomato, and when the label says HOT, they mean hot to a person who searches out spicy things. (Normal "HOT" labels are not hot to me) I am ecstatic to find this salsa who beats store bought salsa hands down, and rivals many restaurant salsas! If you are looking for the right salsa for you, this is it... stop looking! Beyond grateful for the Flyboys creators for making this salsa and I will continue to keep you in business with all the jars I am buying!

by Mike on Flyboy's Salsa
Gone in a Second

I brought some of this home to Cleveland from a visit to Dallas. I opened the jar and was amazed, my 3 kids and I simply could not get enough of it! The entire jar was gone in a flash! the flavor is simply incredible! Simply the best salsa I have ever had!