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What’s better than enjoying delicious salsa with good friends and family?  Nothing, of course!  That’s why we took Dad’s old recipe, all-natural ingredients, and bold flavors to bring you Flyboy’s Salsa.

Our salsa is made with only the finest natural ingredients combined with our unique blend of bold flavors that will awaken your salsa senses.  Once you try Flyboy’s authentic salsa you will believe in great salsa again.




Flyboy’s mild salsa has a bold, sweet, and tangy salsa flavor with stronger hints of cilantro and garlic with a slight bite from Serrano peppers. This is the perfect salsa for those who prefer a sweet salsa with a little heat.




Flyboy’s medium salsa will wake up your taste buds with the unique blend of cilantro and garlic and more heat from Serrano peppers than our Flyboy’s mild salsa. This salsa is designed for those who prefer more heat in their salsa.




Flyboy’s hot salsa is perfect for those who prefer a hot salsa that maintains a deep complex flavor. Flyboy’s hot salsa brings out the full flavor and heat of Serrano peppers while allowing our unique savory flavor to be enjoyed.